Monday, July 21, 2008


No time for a real post now, have to get to work, but I just heard from Brad. They are in Kigali, Rwanda. Travel has been slow, but they're getting places within a few hours of when they're supposed to. :) They even met Senator Bill Frist in the Kigali airport- how cool is that? He said he's taking lots of pictures- I can't wait to see them.

Thanks for the cell phone prayers- it is WORKING! We are hoping to be able to speak nightly. It makes me feel so much better just to hear his voice- and I got to tell him that I heard our new little baby's heartbeat today for the first time at the doctor's office!! :)

Brad says there's an internet cafe where they're staying tonight, so maybe he will be able to write a post himself!

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B. Irv said...

consider it done... this place sorta reminds me of Jamica... hilly, populated to the gills, poor, but thriving. The contrast will come tomorrow when we enter the DRC! Can't wait to start our ministry. Thus far its been non stop travel. Thank you hon for the nice head and back pillows!