Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hard Moments

I don't know how many of you are checking this blog, but I do know that we have many friends "out there" in cyberspace. I don't really know why, but today has been a very hard day for me. In the interest of being honest and availing myself of the great support that God has given us for this trip, I wanted to tell any of you who happen to read today so that maybe you can pray for me to have strength greater than what I feel right now to meet the challenges I'm facing.

I have really done remarkably well, I think, throughout this whole experience, but today I feel much more like "myself." I worry... too much... too often... about things I can't control... and today I feel overcome with it. It is a good thing that I have not been alone very much over the past week and a half because after only 3 days of it, I am already really struggling! I have yet to hear from Brad to say he is in Rwanda... and I rather thought I'd hear something sooner. My mind fills with terrible visions of awful things... and I've never been very good at fighting off bad thoughts when they're threatening to take over.

I'd be so grateful to you if you'd just pause for a moment and pray for Brad and the team- that they would be protected wherever they are right now- and for me, for peace of mind, because no matter how weak I feel- I am still the "tower of strength" to our little girl, and home and nourishment to the little one still growing inside... and right now I sort of feel like I'm crumbling down! Thank you, dear friends. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing such a good job of keeping us informed about the group who have ministered in Congo.
I want you to know that I am praying for you - that GOD will give you strength and peace today.
Please rest in the knowledge that our loving LORD will care for you and for each of HIS children, wherever they may be.
I am a friend of Rachel Lowers, and my husband and I live in Oregon, so please realize that there are people in many places who care and who are praying for the Congo mission group.
Grateful for HIS love and care,
Mary Glaser

Christi said...

You all are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I have been thinking of you often lately, maybe that's God. Know that you are loved. If you need to call and just talk, I'm here.

Anonymous said...

We've been praying and will continue to do so! We're praying for you too EB! Talk to you soon.
Cat Uminn