Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in Bukavu

I talked to Brad this morning. They are back in Bukavu for the night. They arrived early enough in the day that they should have had time for a little shopping for souvenirs to bring home. The one thing I requested before he went was that a giraffe of some sort come home with him- I hope he found one! And maybe a little something for Carolyn. :) I was very glad to talk with him. He said there were lots of goodbyes in Nyangezi and many requests for them to come back- and stay longer! I got the impression from talking to him that now that they've started the return journey, he is beginning to feel as ready to come home as I am to have him here! He said he should have email access tomorrow night from Rwanda so maybe we will all get a message straight from him! Pray for a safe, secure drive!!

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