Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Far Side of The Moon

I feel a little bit like the wife in Apollo 13 whose husband was up in space and traveling around the moon through the hours of static "radio blackout." I'm glad my husband isn't floating around in a crippled lunar module though- he is flying on a 777! :) It's still a bit of a bummer that I can't just pick up the phone and talk to him, though. In this day and age we as a society are so constantly "connected" that it feels weird not to know that I could reach him at any time!

I talked with Brad last night while he was on the airplane getting ready to leave Washington DC for Addis Ababa. Everything went pretty well with checking in for the big flight- other than a small snafu over some carryon rules, everyone and all their luggage made it. They made the flight on time, had some good old American food in the airport before leaving, and everyone was getting ready to try to get some sleep on the flight. They were supposed to stop in Rome to refuel, but they should be past there now, I expect, and in about 5 hours, they'll land in Ethiopia. Then there will be Customs to sort through (which will be fun, I imagine, with all the medical paraphenalia they're bringing along!) and they'll crash at a hotel in Addis for the night. It will be evening there when they land, so probably nighttime over there by the time they get all settled. I am expecting to hear from Brad sometime after they get settled as they think the phone they have will work. I can't wait to talk to him!

Carolyn is very cute. We have been talking about Daddy's trip to Africa for awhile now, praying about it before bed and at meals, and if you ask her where Daddy is going, she says "Going to Af-uh-cah!" and when I asked her the other night what Daddy was going to do there she said he was going to "Be Jesus." :) I had told her that he was going to help people and tell them about Jesus- but she has a better way of putting it. :) Being a huge fan of the Wheels on the Bus song, she was very interested in the big white bus that Daddy drove away in. I had to work all day yesterday (and today, AND tomorrow! ugh!) but my mom who was watching her said that she talked all day about the big bus and how stinky it was and how Daddy got on!

Well that's about it from here. I don't have any more information or anything insightful to say, so I'll come back for more when I have more to report. :)

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Jennifer said...

Hi EB,
Just found your Congo blog and am excited to say I stand with you in prayer for Brad, the team and the trip. Isn't it exciting to know that even when you can't talk to Brad, God is still El Roi and he sees Brad and addresses every one of his needs! Praise to our God for His faithfulness and grace.
In His Care,
Jennifer Smiley