Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Addis

I've been carrying my cell phone at all times, not wanting to miss a call. And I heard from Brad tonight at about 6:15pm. He told me we had 3 minutes so to talk fast! It was quick, but it was so wonderful to hear his voice. He said the long flight turned out to be longer even than it was scheduled to be- they were apparently delayed for about 4 or 5 hours with leaving late from DC and being stuck at their fuel stop in Rome (of course they couldn't get off the plane!)- so what was to be a 16 hour flight turned out to be over 20 hours! Yikes! When I talked to him, he said they'd eaten something for dinner and were getting ready to get a few hours' sleep before their next flight leaves... in about 6 or 7 hours... He sounded really tired!

He is hoping to be able to call me again tomorrow after they get to Rwanda. He said there are some equipment problems with the cell phone they are hoping to be able to use in Congo- I guess it won't power up properly. So let's all pray for life and health for that cell phone because I really am hoping to hear from him periodically after he actually gets where he is going! Thanks to all of you who have commented or emailed. It is a hard thing for me to have him gone, and somehow putting on the "journalist hat" enables me to cope with it better- instead of thinking about how much I miss him and how scared I feel sometimes- I can just think of what I'm going to post on my blog and somehow it all seems less scary in black and white print than it feels in my head.

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