Friday, July 18, 2008


As promised, here is Brad's itinerary so we can all follow along with him.

Saturday, July 19
-7:45am: leave from church to drive to Chicago
-2:15pm: flight departs for Washington
-8:30pm: Big flight leaves to travel from Washington, stop in Rome to refuel, and land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The flight itself is about 16 hours!

Sunday, July 20: the flight lands in Ethiopia at 12:40pm Michigan time. This is 7:40pm Ethiopia time.

Monday, July 21: at 3:15am our time (10:15 Ethiopia time), Brad leaves to fly from Addis Ababa to Kigali, Rwanda. He lands at 5:45am our time (10:45am Rwanda time). They are planning to spend Monday night in Kigali to allow plenty of time for border crossing.

Tuesday, July 22: the team will travel via some sort of motorized transport form Kigali, Rwanda, to Bukavu, DR Congo. This drive will take about 5 hours and is supposed to be pretty crazy! Please pray for safe travel and a smooth border crossing.

Wednesday, July 23: I think the team will be taking their "fun day" this day: apparently it worked out better with the schedule of the team to do it on the way in rather than on the way out. They will be doing a safari. I hope Brad gets lots of pictures.

Thursday, July 24: Travel to Nyangezi, and set up shop in the village/clinic where they will be working for the next week.

Wednesday, July 30: Begin the grueling trip home- they will be traveling pretty much straight through this time without much time allowed for rest. This day, their goal is to make it back to Kigali.

Thursday, July 31:
-11:00am (5:00pm local time): depart Kigali for Addis Ababa, arriving at 1:30pm our time (8:30pm local time)
-3:15pm (10:15pm local time): depart Addis Ababa for Washington

Friday, August 1:
-7:20am: arrive back in the Good Old USA! They fly into DC and will have to go through customs there.
-10:00am: leave for Chicago and arrive at 11:00am- we will be waiting for them!!

I am not sure how much contact I will have with Brad, but I'm praying that he will find a way to contact me at as many points along this journey as possible. It will be really nice to be able to check each leg off the trip.

And now it is time to sleep... at least for me! I think he may be up all night working on last-minute stuff! :)

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