Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally! Some news!

Today I talked to Brad for NINE whole minutes! It was great to catch up with him just a little- even though every time I talk to him I spend the whole rest of the day thinking of other things I want to ask him about- I can't wait til he comes home and I can REALLY hear about the trip! But he said to let everyone know that the team is doing well.

He said that he is enjoying working with the African physicians and has done some surgeries with them (I don't remember the long names he used- he can give the specifics later). He says it's a totally different world out there! But he feels like he's making a difference and that he is able to help update some outdated techniques and procedures and especially the younger doctors at the clinic are very happy for the help.

I asked him about the food and he said that overall it's been pretty good- though he is glad he brought some Cipro out there for personal use. :) I snuck a bag of Starburst into his suitcase and he said he was glad for the little taste of home.

I can't remember everything else he said right now because I am SOO tired!! But I knew that everyone else would want to know that all is well in the Congo! They will be in Nyangezi until Tuesday, then they stay again the night in Bukavu, and then on Wednesday they will get to have their Safari before catching their first flight out on Wednesday night. Then he comes home on FRIDAY!!

You know, I really would never have chosen this week for Granny to go home, but it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She is home now with Jesus, in an infinitely better place, no longer suffering with Alzheimer's Disease, no longer confused or unable to communicate, but fully restored. And this week, I have had something so meaningful to do with this time, being part of a time for family to come together to grieve and celebrate together, and I've also had lots of help from the family so I haven't been alone. And now there's less than a week to go! Yay!

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Caprice said...

Thank you for all that you are doing with this Blog,it has helped all of us to see whats going on in the mission trip to Congo.Thank you,Rebecca Savala