Friday, August 1, 2008

First Post - We're home!

Hello all. We officially have made it back to US soil safely, however, our bags have been mixed up between DC and Chicago. I will be working on a series of posts this week with pictures and stories. I think I will open the blog to the other team members to post as well so this blog can paint a whole picture of our trip.
Speaking for the team I think that each member had a different experience and all contributed in their own way. All in all, we all came with a commitment to serve Christ, and we all served in our own unique way. Overall I had a lot of frustrations with many things. Frustrations with old school medicine, lack of resources, and with cultural norms...

Below is a picture of our team on one of our last days in the DR Congo. We all were blessed to have the opportunity to serve. We also continue to pray for a different team from Jenison Bible Church that is now landing and getting settled in Russia, to help the believers there with construction and refurbishing their churches. Pastor and Bonnie Baker left us in Addis Abba to head to Russia to meet with the team. We all thank you for your prayers and support on this trip, and hope our posts can inform you about the work and the mountain of problems in Africa.

below: Before leaving Bukavu, posing with Senator / Pastor David, who was invaluable member of the ministry. His influence inspires and in some ways protected us in different situations (Katie :) ).

above right: Me with two of the three doctors of the clinic, and Georgette. Dr. Bora (left), Georgette, and Dr. Roy. I worked closely with Dr's Bora and Roy in all aspects of their clinic work . Georgette is a pastor's wife, who was available to help translate into swahili for our nurses.
As they say in Congo: Mongarrebe Jema - have a good night


Katie said...

Welcome back!

Nanc said...

So glad you're home, Brad. We missed you in Austin last week but were so proud of the great work you were doing. Can't wait to hear all about it.