Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming Soon, a new post!

Hello my fellow blog readers. It seems as though we have experienced a drought of posts recently. As far as I am concerned we have no where near posted enough to give you an adequate picture of what we (hoped to, tried to, possibly) accomplished in the DR Congo. I have been home now for nearly 3 weeks and find I am still processing my thoughts and feelings about the trip. My lovely wife has suggested I post on my experience as a physician on this trip. I've been thinking about this for a few days, and am working on it. I hope to post something soon for you all. Keep checking back, I will also continue to nag the fellow members of the trip to keep contributing.

Pictures: (above) me with Fred the monkey, (below) Dr. Roy here is examining one of the toddlers in the clinic.

The short story of Fred the monkey: Not long into the trip I was able to do a c-section and a normal delivery of a couple babies. Both mothers named their son's Brad, after me. In the spirit of honoring the pasty white guests, the grounds keepers decided to name the monkey Fred after Fred Stephenson as he made sure the monkey and a baby chimp on the grounds had plenty of food and some company. As a result I wasn't completely unique as others on the trip had their namesake etched into the community

Stay tuned!


Rachel L said...

"Pasty white guests" That's for sure. At least three toddlers stared at me, then slowly broke into howling as they took in how different I looked. Brad, I have been waiting for you to explain more of what you did and you can go ahead and say just what happened. Even if it sounds like bragging, you have to tell the truth. God will get the glory.

Anonymous said...

YES! YES! More pictures, more stories. I'm sure you all have so much more to share. Someone has a picture of Brad doing a surgery. Would you please post it? Thanks, Kath