Sunday, August 24, 2008


Some of our team say they still are dealing with their strong emotions about the trip so I will write a little about the stuff that I could hardly stand. (1) I cried to see a senator at church, on his knees, praying and crying.  He is so happy because there is finally peace in his country and the people have a chance for stability and progress.  Then the next generation can  hear the gospel and study the scriptures. (2) Would someone from the team put one of those pictures of us at the table for Sunday dinner, at Pastor Enoch's house?  I could hardly stand that situation.  We were seated at a lovely table  for the meal and the pastors, the senator, generals, other dignitaries like the Minister of Health and the Minister of Transportation stood or balanced their meals on their laps.   I think we all felt like idiots.  (3) I went, afraid of bugs,  and saw about two.  (4) I went, afraid of soldiers because of the recent National Geographic article about Silverback Gorillas.  The soldiers we saw were obedient, skinny,  and protected us.  One wanted me to take his picture, not knowing we were forbidden to take pictures of soldiers.  Another one seemed solicitous of his wife when he brought her to the Poll Clinique.  (5) The gratitude when we gave someone something.  (6) The feeling when you know you have $20.00 and the mother on the street wants food or money.  (7)  Here is a GOOD strong emotion.  I said "Jesu anakupenda " (Jesus loves you) to a mother in labor, clutching her abdomen, wandering though the Clinique.  She stopped, smiled and said it back to me and I remembered He does.  

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well said rachel.